Saturday, July 07, 2007

Lab Doors

Because I am a very incipient second year
it means that I've chosen a lab in which to do my PhD thesis, and that I've been working there for about a month. I am interested in better understanding how the position of the nucleus impacts cell polarity in Drosophila melanogaster's developing photoreceptors. I will also be addressing the importance of centrioles in nuclear positioning. And this is where I will sit while doing so
I bring my laptop and sit at my window seat, and surround myself with flies
I also tear out the brains out of fly larvae and spend some time with various microscopes, looking at the position of the nucleus. In this picture, I'm not looking at anything at all
But there is much more important research being conducted in the Science Center. In fact, I have recently stumbled, inadvertently, across some highly sensitive experiments in the hallway near the elevator
The rusty rooster is critical to understanding magnets.

Now we are going to get to the feature of this post: Lab Doors.

I have only photographed three of them so far, but I'm awfully sure there are hidden treasures on almost all of them. Lab doors are decorated, plastered with regulations and restrictions, but mostly they want to remain shut. And locked.
I see that tape-strangled door every morning, and every morning I wish the window wasn't covered with butcher paper.

These following notices are taped to the door I have to open and walk through every morning. This is by far the most demanding lab door. Because it is self-locking, I always carry my bunchy metal keys in my back pocket and end up sitting down on them, and that is painful. Often, I unlock the door for the day-- breaking all rules painstakingly taped to the Obnoxious Door.

Here are some other random lab door signs:
I have a feeling I will be TA-ing in that room.
Whatever SNAC panels are, they are beyond this door. But what IS beyond? Can we find out if we walk through this door?
And, finally, the instructions for getting clean in the Emergency Shower Once you bathe yourself in the Emergency Water, the Emergency Eye will come and also be bathed prior to saving you from whatever horrible chemical burn you are suffering from.

This is how we do.


Texwaiian said...

You should leave that door unlocked all day! The sign says it is locked at 6pm, when in fact it is locked all the time. I hate that door.
And signs!! What's with the signs? You even showed a sign that points out another sign. What's with that? My lab has a sign-writer. Whenever she has anything to say, she writes a sign and tapes it to the wall.

Mackenzie said...

I once had a roommate who would leave post it notes telling me things that bothered her about my living style...

also, can I submit some lab door pictures to you?