Sunday, July 08, 2007

Bonus Post: Find Figure Two Location Update!

As the summer approaches its hottest, the Find Figure Two extravaganza also approaches its hottest. Here are the latest locations and their hiders:

In the DVD player [Lena]

In the fish food [Pearl]

Under Pearl's musk body spray [Lena]

In my birth control pill case [Pearl]

In the vitamin jar [Lena]*

Behind the first slice of bread in the loaf [Pearl]

In the flap of the unopened butter carton [Lena]

In my underwear drawer [Pearl]

* Figure Two spent a lot of time with the vitamins, which helped to point out an enhanced feature of the game-- the hider gains insight into the daily routine of the seeker. Clearly, Pearl had been neglecting to take her supplements. Should I have not found Figure Two on the top layer of underwear strata in my drawer this morning, Pearl would be free to modify her secret opinions of me.

But where is it now????


Pearl said...

Closed in a laptop! (Lena)

Lena Webb said...

In Chris Adrian's tedious novel "The Children's Hospital"! (Pearl)

Lena Webb said...

...Where is it now????

Mackenzie said...

under pearl's mattress (is pearl a REAL princess?)