Tuesday, July 03, 2007

These guys!

These guys comprise some kind of Latin jazz band, and they are also my backyard neighbors-- and they sound pretty good! They were having an outdoor rehearsal. It's nice to have a live band around on your average Tuesday evening.

Now that it's dinner time, they have courteously disbanded. The sounds of birds and playing children tell me that this is a time to reflect. I learned a few things this past weekend:

1. Limoncello-Vodka martinis are superb
2. Heavy cream, sugar, a bowl, and a whisk make hard-earned and delicious whipped cream
3. YUM!
4. A new RNA granule has been named! Uridine-rich small nuclear ribonucleoprotein-containing RNAs have been shown to localize with snRNP assembly factors in discrete cytoplasmic foci!

But wait, there's more.

Just as the infamous Processing Body [PB] has been shown to interact with the equally infamous Stress Granule [SG], the U-rich snRNP Body [UB] interacts with PBs! The dynamics of the observed interaction have not yet been studied, but I'm thinking we need to cut to the chase and assume that there is a HUGE RNA granule that encompasses most of the cytoplasm and consists of a mosaic of unique RNA clusters. It will be called the ribonucleoplasm.

Count it!

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