Saturday, June 09, 2007

Find Figure Two!

A recent grocery store trip brought back both edible sundries and tampons. The food was put away, but the tampons just kind of stayed on the dining room table for the rest of the evening. Pearl and I started reading the box during dinner as it sat next to the salt and pepper shakers, and after we were finished we took it to the living room for further study.

Inside was the "instruction manual." It was written in three languages which all shared one common set of simple line drawings detailing the steps of product utilization. Figure one showed the correct way to hold the product, and then came Figure two. Pearl saw my expression change and asked if I was looking at "that one with the cross-section of the pelvis to show where the product sits once utilized" and I shook my head and just handed her the manual.

Figure two:
A simple yet surprisingly graphic image illustrating how best to utilize the product, shown above tactfully censored. After the initial "Oh my!" response we started laughing and soon after that, Find Figure Two was born.

I cut out Figure two and mounted it on some cardboard, and laid down the rules: Hide Figure two for other house mate to find. When other house mate finds Figure two, she must re-hide it without announcing its discovery. The game is over when Figure two fails to be found, or when we get sick of it. So far Figure two has been hidden:

- In the sugar bowl [Lena]

- In a cosmetic container in the medicine cabinet [Pearl]

- ????? WHERE IS IT NOW ?????

That is for Pearl to find out.


Pearl said...

in the DVD player!!

Lena Webb said...

and then in the fish food!


????? WHERE IS IT NOW ?????

Texwaiian said...

This is one graphic post. I'm not sure I can continue to read your blog

jenovus said...

I am in love with you again!

April said...

Yow!- didn't think I would being seeing that diagram in a blog. But, I will say this, to turn something so un-fun into your own fun new game.... you are truly one of the most creative people I know!