Sunday, June 17, 2007


This is where I should have stayed on Saturday-- pillow nest cradling my head and the NPR line-up keeping me immobilized until 4pm.

But no. Instead, these things happened:

1. I had to get out of my car and lead a blind man back to the sidewalk after he and his lousy seeing eye dog decided it was best to walk directly in front of my car.

2. I blew a tire and had to endure an hour of courtship from a mechanic named Calvin who began to yell at me when I didn't commit to dinner and a movie that night.

3. I spent the rest of the afternoon throwing up my special sandwich after it was prepared incorrectly via the addition of tainted prosciutto.

And all of this had happened by 1:30pm-- If only I had stayed in!


Texwaiian said...

Here's what my Monday will look like:

9:00am: I have an appointment with the mayor of Waltham to discuss my proposal to install audible devices alerting the sight-impaired of when it is safe to cross.

10:00am: Sacrifice a mouse and remove its embryos.

10:30am: Visit the local auto mechanic shop. I've penciled in a sit-down with Calvin. Me and my homies are going to mess him up. Then we will talk to him about showing proper respect to women.

!2:00pm: Lunch with Lena.

1:00pm: Fill out insurance forms.

1:30pm: Teleconference with the local department of health and the owner of the deli that sold you faulty prosciutto. We will take a firm, but forgiving approach. After all, we want you to still get your special sandwich.

2:15pm: Meeting with Susan.

3:00pm: Drinks with Hugh Heffner.

4:30pm: Go home.

Lena said...

just wanted to say hi! I don't know you, but we have the same name. so.. HI :P

Mackenzie said...


Lena Webb said...

I guess it's like this thing that some Lenas go through when they find other Lenas.