Friday, March 16, 2007

Wine Review: The Crios de Susana Balbo Family

I met the Crios Torrontes at a tasting, and I have since been introduced to its relatives. The Torrontes was incredible, an initially deceptive pop-tart of a wine that kept me skeptical-- but only for as long as it took to make its indignant follow-up slap feel like a seasonal rain immediately sucked up by cracked desert soil.

I picked up the Crios Syrah-Bonarda on the way home from the gym and was both excited and confident, having met its sister. We uncorked and poured, and I was amazed at how dark and complex this wine was. As this viscous ichor coursed through my body, fortifying my own endorphin-saturated humors, I felt the need to continue exercising and dropped to the ground and did a rigorous series of crunches. Then I lifted some very small weights and, in order to keep the rage raging, the wine bottle.
Just don't try to handle delicate things after a goodly amount of the Syrah-Bonarda-- like hollow eggs or peoples' feelings.


MertMengelmier said...

Can I request a review of something: blue label Johnny Walker? Please, oh please!

Lena Webb said...

Y'all gonna front the $199.99? If so, the title:

"I can't believe I drank the whole thing!"