Friday, February 02, 2007

A Flowchart, starring: The Internet, me, and David Ng

The World's Fair is an example of the kind of blog I wish I was responsible for, but only for a fleeting moment because I enjoy browsing it so. One of its authors, David Ng, is the editor of The Science Creative Quarterly-- a website I like so much, that I recently ventured a contribution.

Apparently, my contribution leaked from the SCQ over to the The World's Fair, with additional commentary from David Ng in flowchart form!

Molecular Biology Comic a la Far Side

I suppose this means I should find the time to draw more cartoons, huh?


spiffae said...

holy ass! you're famous!

You should tell David Ng to link to your blog. That is standard procedure in this blog-orgy type thing.

Lena Webb said...

i swear too much in my blog :(

Lena Webb said...

YOU swear too much in my blog!

jenovus said...

You are internet famous! And it all comes of searching for your own name obsessively on Google. In fact, I am pretty sure David Ng is obsessively searching for your name on Google. Think about that when you are trying to fall asleep tonight.