Thursday, November 30, 2006

In the Science Library

Because I suffer from the rare and alienating disorder known as paruresis [read: BASHFUL BLADDER], it is very difficult for me to pee in the busy bathroom on the first floor of my building. Instead, I use the bathroom in the Science Library.

I walk in, go down the stairs, and listen for a moment outside the women's room. If there is ongoing rustling or tinkling, I take a stroll through the shelves. Right outside the bathrooms? The physics section!

Mind you, I'm not really looking at any of these books because of my almost blinding need to urinate, so I kind of pace around looking semi-intellectual. On one of my laps, I caught a glimpse of these books out of the corner of my watery eye:
...and I was all like "HARD ON, what?!"

I did the quintessential double-take and then laughed a little bit, but by that time the bathroom was all mine. Today, I typed "hadron" into google and found that it's virtually impossible to not type "hardon." I feel so bad for all those PhD students typing up their thesis work.

So in case you didn't want to look it up yourself and accidentally type the word "hardon" into google, a hadron is a subatomic particle that experiences the nuclear force. They are made up of fermions and bosons.


Jesus Christ.

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