Sunday, June 04, 2006

A [not so] startling glimpse into my future

Gee, don't look so surprised.

While the thought of being near death and playing Scrabble with myself gives me a slight tension headache, I am comforted by the fact that I already play Scrabble with myself and it's not so bad. Other comforting things in this brought-to-you-by-a-crystal-ball image include:

1. There appears to be pictures of grandchildren hanging by my hearth
2. I'm wearing purple velour pants
3. There's a nice fire going
4. I have a walker, so my health insurance must be decent
5. I made the word "BLAZED" even though that's kind of a wasted Z
6. I have plenty of pencils
7. There don't seem to be too many cats around
8. Someone visits me and takes pictures of me. It's probably Mackenzie, and right after taking it she said "Now THIS is good Facebook picture!"

Then she giggled and passed the vodka.


Mackenzie said...

Lena! Don't tell them it's vodka! It's definitely WATER. Just like the whiskey is actually apple juice. You're going to make Clinton divorce me if you keep giving away these secrets...he'll figure out that I'm not dainty.

And it is a GREAT facebook picture. Find one for me!

barnyard said...

the rum is apple juice too. Clinton? huh? god i've been away for a while