Wednesday, June 07, 2006

I have an extra ticket!

So who's coming? I have a backpack full of whippets and we can put some SoCo in bottle of Veryfine cran-apple!
This was the setlist from their last show:

1. Under my Desk, on the Air
2. [Condoleeza] Shouldn't Smile
3. Playin' Grabass
4. Viewers Like You
5. Suck my Kiss [cover]
6. Another Roadside Bombing
7. So Convincing/The Ray Suarez Song
8. TIAA CREF: Fund that Shit
9. Rape Charlie Rose
10. Chelsea Hotel No. 2 [cover]

I slept through the encore, but I read on that it was 19 minute jam session they introduced as "Too Soon."

1 comment:

Mackenzie said...

oh. my. god.



I call the extra ticket! I'll bring the ambrosia salad. er...I mean...home made lysergic acid!