Wednesday, May 03, 2006

[Stupid] vanity plate, [Really stupid] ring tone

This morning I pulled into the CDC behind a champagne colored sedan with a vanity plate reading:

Wow. That's so boring.

I thought the point of a vanity plate was to make you and your car seem more clever than your average roadmate. SHARONL has failed to do this on a few levels and has instead inspired half a blog-rant from a stranger. Actually, we're on a first name basis now... Sharon.

Reasons why SHARONL is a stupid vanity plate

1. "Sharon" is a boring name
2. Now Sharon will have a harder time pulling off that hit-and-run
3. It's not this vanity plate:

Even more annoying at the CDC today is one of my lab mates' ring tone. It's a baby. Making baby noises and crying, punctuated by a standard cell phone "wind chime" sound. I'm guessing the name of it is "hate me".

Other Recommended Ring Tones based on Sounds People Love

1. Spongebob Squarepants' continuous laughter
2. Heavy mouth-breathing
3. Someone's feces dropping into a public toilet
4. The screaming of the lambs

I think it's important that I leave work soon.

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