Friday, March 24, 2006

Get ready

...for a huge science diss.



What'd you do, scientist? Crumple up your SDS PAGE, go back to your bench, sniffle a little because you went through so much getting your protein sample, loading the sample, and running the gel-- and you just HAD to see the results? You rooted through the gel bag, didn't you? I bet you only put on one glove.

So you transferred it to a membrane, thawed your antibodies [between your legs, perhaps?] and then incubated your blot. It looks like you grabbed the blot and squeezed it a little, perhaps for good luck?

Well, THAT didn't work. So you scrawled "anti-tubulin" on there with a fat Sharpie and called it a day.

And now it's on the internet, and I'm talking about it.

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Mackenzie said...

FUCKING SDS PAGE. I know what this person was feeling. Sometimes you just want to be like, fuck it. And crumple the damn thing up and call it a day. But you can't. Because you're a SCIENTIST. And scientists are persistent and thick-skinned. So you keep running gels over and over and over. And then, one day, your gel FINALLY works and you see these awesome single bands and you know. You know that you purified the crap out of your shit. And you feel like a real winner for about 20 seconds until you realize that the band is at the wrong molecular weight cutoff and that you purified the wrong goddamn thing. So THEN you call it a day, buy a bottle of vodka, and drink yourself into a stupor so you can go to the lab hungover the next day and start over.

That's wirght. Duh.