Thursday, March 16, 2006

Dream Job

For those of you who get Skidmore's Career Servies Newsletter and actively peruse it [cough, Lucas], you may have stumbled upon this little gem:

How many immediate and obvious perks slap you on the brain? I can think of about 84, right off the bat. My top three are as follows:

1) You get paid to live with a crazy person
2) Your housemate is insane, and you get a stipend
3) The space you share is shared by you and a mental patient, but you don't have to share your stipend or, ironically, your health benefits-- both of which you receive.

Also, think about the art therapy opportunities! Fun for your crazy housemate AND you! Doesn't this look like fun?

And then you get to hang things like this on the refrigerator:

Basically, you'd be a fool to pass this opportunity up. But don't apply for the job. Because I want it.


dondheim said...

you also can't apply b/c the "job post date" and the "application deadline" are one and the same...2 days ago.

can i come and sing one night? I could do a "crazy" medly, starting with the title song (by Ms. Spears), but also including Patsy Cline's own take on the title, "She Drives Me Crazy", "Crazy Little Thing Called Love", "Basket Case", and maybe something by Jewel, because it appears I would be peforming in front of her most ardent admirers.

"I got maple syrup, all i need is you..."

Accidentally Disastrous said...

I posted on the egg paintings again. read it and email me!

Mackenzie said...

um...are you applying for the part of crazy person or helper of the wackos? cause I'll do whatever the one you aren't applying for. werd. duh.