Thursday, December 01, 2005

Recent cartoon

I had a little bit of an RNA obsession renewal recently, and I drew this. If you'd like to see an example of some RNA secondary structure, see my OTHER blog. The "stem loops" and "bulges" in the picture are examples of common RNA secondary structures. I've asked a lot of scientists, and searched the internet extensively, but no one else seems to have made the connection between RNA secondary structure and crop circles. If you ask me, I think I'm onto something here...


Accidentally Disastrous said...

though i rarely get your cartoons, i assume they are funny.
speaking of funny, i still consider the funniest idea i ever had during my tenure in the sketchies to be Daddy Fork Hands. What is funnier than a man with forks instead of hands trying to pick up a big bag of balloons.

Lena Webb said...

Brendon, I included some text that may help you to find humor in my cartoon. You should take advantage of the resources!

[fuck yes I will be a good professor]

Also, that sketch is included in one of those "painful memory blurs" that I attribute mostly to freshmen showcases and grad finales. Daddy Fork Hands was a freshmen showcase venture, wasn't it? Wasn't he supposed to unpack the balloons his son brought to college? Wasn't that a comedically BAD idea?

Wasn't I the mother or something? I usually was...

Accidentally Disastrous said...

it was indeed a freshman showcase dealie.
People in the group really didnt like Daddy Fork Hands. I remember me and Lucas laughing and laughing about it and then telling the rest of you assholes and you guys hated it. Except for BJ. Well, he might have hated it, but he was nice enough not to say anything.

Lena Webb said...

I'm pretty sure I hated it because I had to be Mommy Fork Hands except I didn't get any funny forks or anything. I think my lines were something like "This is your dorm, honey!"

Lucas was Daddy Fork Hands, wasn't he... it ALL makes sense.

Today's word verification: "rktutqk" or what a squirrel says when he catches his wife in bed with another squirrel.

Mackenzie said...

brendon, you are right. this is definitely a funny cartoon. definitely funny, definitely definitely funny.

lena, are you pumped to be a professor because you LOVE them?

my word verification is oh. d. by. and I love THAT.

barnyard said...

daddy fork hands sounds like something some bastard from snl would have written. probably adam sandler, like when he did that shite bit about cheap halloween costumes.

don't be that guy.

cartoon's are always funny, my favorite part is the trees.