Thursday, December 22, 2005

I love Mackenzie-Firer Sherwood!

Have I mentioned this? Ever? Well, this is why I love her TODAY.

She's at the airport and because she's so hip, she's on her LAPTOP talking to ME using WIRELESS INTERNET! This is what she says:

Kenz: the guy sitting across from me is eating a sticky bun and reading maxim
Kenz: he's wearing a lacoste jacket
Kenz: that's he's currently taking off
Kenz: now he's sipping his venti iced coffee from starbucks
Kenz: sticky bun again
Kenz: iced coffee
Kenz: chew chew chew
Kenz: sticky
Kenz: turn page

The following is a pictoral representation of the feeling I felt when Kenz said "sticky."

Now go read her blog for a more detailed description of People in the Airport.

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