Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Surprise, CDC!

I'm NOT a terrorist! I may look like tired rodent in my picture, but I'm NOT a terrorist. Badge detail:

My mentor Russ had just finished making me laugh really hard. He stood right behind the camera and made ridiculous faces, and essentially launched a full-blown terrorist attack on my photo-op. The ID Badge guy took one picture while I was laughing that was actually quite nice looking-- very carefree and light-hearted-- but he wouldn't let me keep it because you couldn't see my eyes clearly. I guess just in case, like in "Minority Report," I decide to have someone else's eyes put in my sockets and come to work. So he took a second one when I was trying to relax, unsuccessfully.

Ultimately, I think it makes me look like the perfect government employee. Weary, smush-faced, and drugged-down. Keep in mind, my badge doesn't open any doors yet. That, hopefully, will be initialized tomorrow...

So cheers to being able to walk freely around the grounds of the CDC after nearly two months of living here!

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Accidentally Disastrous said...

What do you mean "couldnt see your eyes clearly?!" You are wearing glasses anyway!
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