Thursday, November 10, 2005

The Human Gnome Project

If you type "human gnome project" into google images and search, these are the first two [out of four] pictures that come up:

Overall, it was an entirely rewarding discovery.


Mackenzie said...

oh! that gnome is so cute!

Shanks said...

I'm hoping that through advancement in genetic technologies, soon scientists will really be able to create gnomes, elves, dwarves, and maybe even orcs. Pretty soon, we can all have a great battle for Middle Earth! Hooray! I call dibs on being Gandalf. Actually, I take that back. Dibbes can be Gandalf. I'll setlle for being Aragorn.

Diabetes said...

Shanks, you are Grimly at best. I get to be Aragorn, or maybe the elf that all the ladies like.
"A red moon rises...blood has been shed this night."
I didn't realize until now that Gnomes actually invented the telescope. I mean, look at the structural similarities between that hat and the scope. They invented it so they could get a better look at the sugar capped Ice cream mountains that sprawl across Gnomeville.

Mackenzie said...

Alright, if everyone gets to be Lord of the Rings characters Lena and I are claiming ours. Lena gets to be Galadriel because she's the elf queen of power and wisdom. Basically because she's badass. And I'll be Arwen because I'm always falling in love with mere mortals.