Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Sounding WHAT?

Mackenzie, they totally fucked this up. They sing it WAY to fast! You're not supposed to jiggle the huge pretend rubber ball around in the water, you're supposed to push it under gradually and with discipline. Like drowning a small child.

Which is probably what WE sounded like-- drowning children.

My favorite part was when we, you and I and no one else, sang "He gave the seas their bound." And Rae Jean loved us because it seemed like we were so moved by the Joy, but we really were just about to pee our pants.

Our big watery eyes and our gaping smiling mouths. And Rae Jean's humongous school marm ass. Happy Wednesday! Wednesday was chorus night, you know.


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Mackenzie said...

Fuck jeego. He never bothered to show up for chorus. Wednesday is weeednesday. I miss you but not skidmore. Rae Jean loved us because we were so enthusiastic about music...little did she know that you were drunk and I was just looking forward to chorus being over. Although, I really did love sounding joy, sounding joy, sow-ow-ow-ow-ounding jo-oy!