Wednesday, October 19, 2005

A few things

1. Today the security guard lady said "We can't keep signing you in as a visitor." Well, then, I guess I'll just stay home some MORE. Isn't that precisely her job? To sign in visitors? What difference does it make if she signs me in every day? It's not like the CDC is a hip place to visit-- in fact it's a huge pain in the ass! Once on the shuttle to the building that's probably about 200 feet away, the driver had to get on her walkie-talkie and say "The Visitor is en route to building 15." No one answered. Why? BECAUSE IT'S ALL CRAP! I have front-row seats to the most embarrassing event on Earth-- America's EXTREME Paranoia Festival.

2. Don't ever spill anything sweet or sticky on the inside of your car's door frame and then park anywhere in Atlanta. I opened my door today and saw two literal MOUNDS of tiny ants. Whatever I managed to spill, they found access to it and loved it. They loved it like only ants can love residue, until I attacked their community with both paper towels and roach spray.

3. My apartment always smells a little funny. I can't figure out what it is, and I'm not super aware of it after spending long amounts of time inside [which I do]. It certainly smells weird when I walk in though. It's like a combination of natural gas, wood, must, and garbage. And that's probably exactly what it is.

4. The British man was talking to my cat last night, while I crouched inside on the telephone. Bean was stupid enough to be sitting on the porch even though I told her it attracts children AND British men. I was talking loud enough so he could probably tell that I was on the phone and so he didn't try to pull his usual [and really annoying] verbal "Knock knock!" Clearly, I'm not getting the "PLEASE LEAVE ME ALONE" point across.

And with that I'm going to go shut my front door. It's about time for British men to come home from work.

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