Sunday, October 02, 2005

Perfect ending

So as I'm taking my goodnightly pee, someone else's pee comes gushing out of a broken pipe that extends through my bathroom. The plumbers who put the huge crack in the pipe said not to worry, it's just a support pipe. Mrs. Fucking retard yuppie idiotface said "well, actally, you really want to know what that is?" NO. NO. KEEP the dark, horrible secret of EXCREMENT out of my thoughts forever, you angel. She told me that if the person upstairs flushes, "you know what" will come out. Music? Friends? Wine? URINE? SHIT?

Assuming she'd TOLD THE PERSON upstairs not to flush because of this little PROBLEM, I hadn't given it a thought. However, now that there is a stranger's urine sloshing around in my bathroom, I am so very concerned.

I wrapped about five feet of duct tape around the crack and now I'm going to sleep. I'll make it a point to get this pissed off first thing in the morning and hopefully disrupt the Lady of the Land over her Luna bar breakfast or whatever the fuck bitches eat.

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