Monday, October 03, 2005

My extremely new cabinets

My landlords FINALLY came and installed TWO whopping cabinets over my kitchen sink. I'm staring at them right now and they're making me sort of angry.

First of all, they don't look like they've been thoroughly secured to the ceiling/wall. There is a good inch of space between them and the ceiling, so it appears that they are hovering just below...

Second, they are all squashed together into a small area that is very far above my sink. It makes me think of some alien egg pod hanging there, waiting to spill forth its extraterrestrial spawn all over my kitchen.

Third, and perhaps most disturbingly, they look very MODERN which is in stark contrast to the ancient stove and the even more ancient sink. The main cabinet has a vertically-oriented frosted glass door that lifts up like some kind of incubator [lending enhanced credence to my alien pod theory], and the door handle is-- of course-- stainless steel.

Maybe it just looks horrible because there are only two of them so far. I eagerly await the installation [synthesis?] of the others.

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