Sunday, July 22, 2007

Yes, I run. On Mars. It's awesome.

Today I purchased my very first pair of purely athletic sneakers. It was such a difficult purchase for me to make, being a lover of shoes. All running shoes are hideous, and to spend more than $50 on footwear that looks like it was designed by MTV VJs masquerading as NASA engineers, well it's unpleasant.

I tried on a pair of dusty blue and white Asics that felt like mini hotel mattresses, followed by a pair of neon orange and white New Balances that felt like Barbie Ferraris melted onto my feet. Looking up and down the aisle I realized that my only options were absolutely hideous-- so I decided to embrace the hideousness.

I shut my eyes, grabbed a pair of size 8 Nike "Reax," and stuffed my socked feet inside. They were comfortable enough so I opened my eyes to study the exterior. White, grey mesh, metallic gold details, and a big toothpaste-y blue Nike logo. Perfect.
The metallic details really get me. Also, the intricate heel-- the VJs really must have put their heads together on that one.

Hideous or not, I expect these shoes to protect me from fallen arches, shin splints-- and I expect them to hold up to Martian standards. I also want some Aliens to abduct me and eventually upgrade my shoes.

Before paying for the hideous sneakers I was informed that it was "buy two pairs get one pair 1/2 price" day. Desperately needing to walk out of that store with something other than awful single-purpose footwear, I also bought these. At 1/2 price.
Now I own a pair of "cute" shoes.

I also bought a new digital camera.

This post is dedicated to Mary Todd Lincoln.


Texwaiian said...

I love the way your new running shoes look. Then again, I was raised watching old episodes of Star Trek. The spacey, chrome thing appeals to me.

jenovus said...

No saddle shoes?

Mackenzie said...

you shaved!

Lena Webb said...