Monday, May 21, 2007

Goodnight, you granules of stress... bodies of processing.

And just as Michael Caine gently closed the door to that room filled with wheezing orphans, I closed the door on my Outside Defense topic. And then I got really drunk, made out with a cast-iron bust of Louis Rosenstiel, and ate my very first burger. Just as Michael Caine would have.


April said...

Well thank God you finally had a hamburger! Oh, yeah... and that Outside thing is some kind of accomplishment too.

MertMengelmier said...

If you knew how to embed videos, your blog might have the gargantuan readership of my carnival. My mom loves the videos, she's my biggest fan.

Texwaiian said...

I was just speaking with Susan. It turns out there was a typo. One of your committee members checked the wrong box on the evaluation form. I'm sorry to be the one to tell you this, but you didn't actually pass. They want you to rewrite your paper and re-defend. I'm supposed to ask you: can you be back here to take care of this by the end of the week?


Lena Webb said...

Very funny, Jason.