Sunday, April 15, 2007

"It's complicated" with Processing Bodies and Stress Granules

And now, when anyone else in the world performs the Google search that has been haunting my fingers for 5 months, they will get this entirely unhelpful "model."

Processing bodies (PBs) interact with stress granules (SGs) to recruit Lena Webb (LW) which, in turn, upregulates the expression of love and interest (here symbolized by a "heart"). Interestingly, this is a negative-feedback loop and leads to the degradation of LW.


Texwaiian said...

I'm glad to see your outside is coming along. And that's interesting because, my outside also involves LW. You see, in my research LW and JB interact with JW (Johnnie Walker), which leads to a rapid downward spiral, also brought about by Cig factor. As you already know, a rapid downward spiral is similar to degradation initiated by a negative feedback loop.

Kene said...

1) PB + SG ↔ PB:SG + LW → ↑L&I → ↓LW

2) LW + JB + JW → ↓Spiral ← Cig

thought i would sum it all up

Paul Anderson said...

It's happening already. I did a search for stress granules and processing bodies and I got Lena Werb.

Hope you passed!