Sunday, October 29, 2006

How to be the most popular kid in grad school

First, it's really important that you have a Liberal Arts education and are able to see the connectedness of all disciplines. Second, it also helps if you are lazy. Too lazy to empty your pipet tip discard cup:
Meet Tip Explosion. She represents many things, but a few obvious ones are the ever-upward progress of Science, the tremendous amount of non-biodegradable waste produced by Science, and that there's always some shithead in your lab that has to "be different."

To be fair [to myself], Tip Explosion was born quietly and without exploitation. In all simplicity, she was just the product of much pipetting. See?
This is how pipet tips come. Just like a carton of eggs! Then you push the end of your pipet into the pipet tip like so:
Then you draw up an aliquot [great Scrabble word] of whatever colorless solution you happen to be working with, and put it into another tube-- usually on ice. Molecular things enjoy being chilled.
Then you ditch your dirty tip in your discard cup.
Today I destroyed Tip Explosion. She was becoming unstable and I had quite a bit of pipetting to do. So yet another metaphor might be that, whilst in the pursuit of Scientific Knowledge, most fun things are usually destroyed.


jenovus said...

One of my freshmen freaked out during a reaction rate experiment because she had no idea what an aliquot was. She sure ended up having to redo that particular kinetics run!

Lena Webb said...

Ah. These are the questions one asks *before* taking the pipet in hand!

Rebecca said...

Welcome to Graduate School Lena!!