Wednesday, August 16, 2006

New Apartment

Flux, change, better shower curtains. A logical progression which has most cleanly been affirmed. Behold:
Our new shower curtain is a map of The World. Now, as bare as our ancestors, we can study the vastness of our dominion on planet Earth-- but backwards. And without the helpful colors found on most maps. From the showerer's side, and especially for those showerers with poor eyesight, The World is as heterogenous and confusing as it will be for the aliens when they arrive. The closest thing to my eye level, and within my capacity to see it, is Baffin Bay. I assume it's cold? I know little of this Bay.

If nothing else, this new shower curtain has instilled an unprecidented global awareness within the inhabitants of 42A Wadsworth Ave. After confusing reports on the conflict in the Middle East broadcast on NPR, we now report directly to the bathroom. And while I sit on the toilet in the wee hours, I am faced with our World. And I marvel.


Accidentally Disastrous said...

You might have well just titled this post: "Lena Hates the Undeveloped World". I cant believe you would even talk about a map that isnt politically correct!
Next time, try not to offend me so hard!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lena Webb said...

Bren, I don't know what you're talking about. Is it because there's no Anarctica? Is it because they don't show the city of Toronto?

jenovus said...

Is Baffin Bay where puffins live? Because, um. They have funny beaks.

Spiffae said...

I totally have the exact same shower curtain. My head rests near Svalbard and Franz Josef Land - two names difficult to make out backwards.

Lena Webb said...

I don't know about the puffins. I don't really follow my mild curiosity much further than the first wet step onto the bath mat. So when I say "global awareness" I mean "cool, our shower curtain is a map!"

And Ben, now I totally know how you position yourself in the shower.