Saturday, May 20, 2006

Wine of the Month Review #3

Name: Undurraga Reserva [that means RESERVE wine, bitches]
Date: 2004
Origin: Chile
Alcohol content: 14%

So, this wine is great.

And that's pretty much my review of this wine.

For a long time, apparently, Chilean wine was not so great. But upon the globalization of the Undurraga-- you know, The Dance of Many Scarves, this particular wine took a place in our tiny cold hard ugly cholesterol-ridden American hearts.

The depictions above illustrate the Undurraga. This dance, inspired by the redolent aromas of fresh apples-- and conjuring up myriad daydreams of both apricot orchards and otherwise-- reveals to you the real meaning of this wine.

Accompaniments? Whatevs. I recommend this wine with a peyote bud and a field of rye.

If the hiccups plague, I reccomend this wine with more dancing. Shut up about the hiccups, they're all in your earthbound mind.


Mackenzie said...

yo, you's flossin your wine knowledge
droppin science like you's a connossier.

now go sip some lean
cough syrup and codeine

spiffae said...

Lena Lena Lena Webb.

I occaisonally think that we were great friends who have now tragically lost touch. I'm not sure why.

Accidentally Disastrous said...

It is kind of dissapointing that you have jumped on the "review wine through interpretive dance" bandwagon. I thought you were more creative than that.

HAHA!!! J/K!!!! LOL!!!!!

Lena Webb said...

Kenz: What rhymes with syrup?

Ben: I can't figure it out either-- they always made such a big deal out of calling you "ANGRY Ben" that I figured I'd just stay "shy."

Brendon: HAHAHAHAHAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mackenzie said...


cheer up with some...HYRUP!