Wednesday, March 08, 2006



Accidentally Disastrous said...

you are a better artist than i am.
and i studied art for years!

Mackenzie said...

ohhhh! bren, where is that picture from?! it's so freakin adorable. also, you're a good artist too.

lean, I spent the weekend working on a problem set for which I wrote 20 pages of numbers. it's a sad life. HOWEVER, not nearly as sad as the boy who is married in my lab whose wife called him (and I'm not exaggerating) once an hour while I was with him. it kind of made me want to vomit...especially the time she called to tell him about their new oriental rug.

so are you coming to boston for grad school or what?

Lena Webb said...

Bren, Kenzie--Brenzie:

That picture was taken in Marc Tetel's [Dark Motel] nary a month before I quit. That's right, I quit. Just like I'm going to QUIT the CDC by June 1st. That's the plan-- the quitting plan.

Marriage is out, quitting is in. And I am most certainly not a better artist than Brendon-- after all, who made that huge wooden face out of many huge strips of wood?

Accidentally Disastrous said...

Huge strips of wood are nothing.

Kristen (who has curated many shows in art museums) and I want to know how much you would be willing to sell your egg paintings for. We collect art. Yeah, we do that. We are serious. Feel free to email me prices. You know where i reside.