Thursday, February 02, 2006

DYsphoria? Confusion? Tranquility?

NO! None of the above.

After all this hype leading up to my impacted wisdom tooth extraction [x3], I was expecting a good few hours of post-surgical incoherent babbling, staggering, and drooling. No such luck. I'm quite lucid, and quite hungry. All I've had to eat today is:

Tylenol with codeine, 500mg acetaminophen, 7.5mg hydrocodone. I've got quite a few, but I worry about the potency. I also worry about facial swelling. Mackenzie told me that her oral surgeon gave her a special apparatus for holding the ice close to her cheeks, but mine didn't-- so I fashioned an "ice sling" for my face. I call it "The Hepburn."

I have absolutely no recollection of getting my glasses back, putting my ring back on, moving from the chair to the waiting bench, turning down the offer of a blanket and who knows what else. But I do remember the oral surgeon telling me, as she was injecting the anesthetic, that she made a Jehovah's Witness cry because she called it a "cocktail" and right before the patient went under she got all teary and said "I've always been good! Really!"

Then I remember saying "Well, where's my olive?" and then little else.


Mackenzie said...

aww, you're even funny when you're about to be knocked out. what a wonderful response to a woman calling drugs a "cocktail." the olives are the lovely pills you got afterwards.

dondheim said...

I also like the hidden moral of your story...religious fanatics are ALWAYS weird. Cynicaly liberals are always right. And every now and then a dental hygenist can be funny.