Sunday, November 06, 2005

What IF a car could sense rain?

Well, we'd all get a little dumber.

I'm watching my one weekly half-hour of FOX [The Simpsons], and I forgot to mute the commercials. Soon my eyes were drawn upward by a smooth British voice as he asked "...but what if a car could sense rain?" It was a Toyota commercial advertising new rain-sensing windshield wiper technology, and the ultimate answer to the question posed was [approximately] "you could spend more time with your family." I'd missed the first quarter of the commercial so maybe there was some pivotal link between Q and A, but I sure can't come up with an easy one. Potential and extremely far-fetched links include:

1. The average person spends so much time worrying about that first drop of rain that they clam up and make only feeble attempts at family bonding while driving.

2. The average person is unable to do much of anything at all.

3. The average person is completely psychotic.

Sorry Toyota, it just doesn't add up.

Directly after this fine piece of commercial cinema [is there a real term for that?], I was informed that tonight at 9 I could watch "Category 7: The End of the World" if I should find myself in the mood for a movie about killer hurricanes. You know, if I haven't seen enough Katrina footage lately-- which I haven't! This movie could be the common news viewer's methadone, and I think that's a far catchier selling line than "The Film Event of the Year." But what do I know? All I know is where I'LL be at 9pm.


Mackenzie said...

Lena, Larry told me about this girl in his class that thought Milwaukee was a state! And then later she admited that she didn't know what state New Orleans is in. After all the Hurricane Katrina coverage!? Can you imagine the stupidity? This makes me think several things:
1. Having a college degree doesn't necessarily mean crap.
2. We (the two of us and our friends) are quite intelligent individuals.
3. No wonder women got this horrible rap for being the lesser gender.

It makes me want to find her and beat her up. But I'll probably end up working for her insanely rich husband someday instead. What a stupid bitch.

Mackenzie said...

Oh, and I think the idea of windshield wipers sensing rain is pretty cool. HOWEVER, you are correct about their conclusion being bullshit.