Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Halloween is over!

Now I can turn my living room lights back on, unlatch the door, and cease to exist in the panicked state of-- not having ANY candy!

I didn't carve a pumpkin, and I certainly didn't... well, I guess that's really all one does for Halloween. I could have bought candy, but I spent it on amaretto and vodka. I went to a costume party, but only for the free alcohol. The point is that for a single, gainfully employed [get a pie tin to catch the dripping sarcasm], fledgling adult living in an up-and-coming neighborhood, I SUCK.

I did, however, make an excellent cyborg. Everyone else at the party was dressed up as an overweight Southern person wearing an unimaginative Halloween costume.

That was mean.

Actually there were quite a few German people in attendance, one of whom was dressed up as "Super German." Being a total asshole, I asked "Shouldn't that be UBER German?" and thus shattered his hopes of making a witty pun using his non-native language. If he really wanted to get a giggle, he should have labeled himself "Super (Ger)man." Like, achtung.

Luckily, I extracted a large quantity of mirth when, later on, another German said to foil-encrusted me "Do you represent computers? Technology? I appreciate technology." It was really the accent more than anything.

Also, this is the last Halloween I will spend in Atlanta-- time flies!

Happy November 1st!

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