Friday, October 14, 2005

Old men that I want, and why I want them

Leonard Nimoy

Age: 74
Why I want: Huge "DUH!" This is Mr. Spock, contrary to what the man states in his first autobiography entitled "I am not Spock." Sorry Leonard, you will forever and inextricably be linked to the human/alien hybrid character with no emotion and stunning cheek bones. And you're still damned hot at 74.


Age: 51
Why I want: It's really a shame that there isn't a better picture of this man. Bernie dissected a fetal pig in his 10th grade Biology class while tripping on mescalin and, looking back, said "Maybe that's why I like Biology so much!"

Richard Belzer

Age: 61
Why I want: He only has one testicle and LOOK at him. I bet he can make testicles grow out of anything just by squinting through his tinted lenses. He plays a hot old sarcastic detective on television, wears lots of black and grey, and those cheekbones. GAH!

Tom Cech

Age: 58
Why I want: He discovered catalytic RNAs [ribozymes] thus giving further support to the "RNA World Hypothesis." Nothing could be hotter than THAT. Also, he met his current wife over a melting point apparatus in a make-up organic chemistry lab. I love hearing about how scientists love, and it makes me want to love a scientist.

Charlie Rose

Age: 63
Why I want: The man obviously has extensive sexual prowess. Sure he looks derranged, but that's why he's so hot! Somewhere behind those madman's eyes is a glimmer of the most stable stability. After you've just had sweaty animal sex, that's what he uses to look at you with. Then you both smoke two packs right there. In Charlie Rose's huge circular bed.


Mackenzie said...

OH MY GOD! You picked some real hot older men! I'm serious. I really think Richard Belzer is a good selection (plus, he's on Law and Order and I fucking love that show and anyone who's on it...except Ice T). Charlie Rose is another good one. Wow. I'm never dating a boy's only men for me! Thanks Lena, for showing me the light.

jamie p said...

you know what? I'm gonna tell Ice T that you're talking so much smack about his acting.

Also, Nimoy = FOX! I never would have thought he would be so immaculately preserved.

Also, Belzer? What about Orbach? I know he's dead but I'm just wondering your thoughts.