Thursday, October 27, 2005

"Denied Access"

I am officially denied access to the CDC. Apparently, it was wrong of me to sign in as a visitor repeatedly for the entire month of October as there is a 5-day-per-month visitor limit. My mentor didn't know, I didn't know, and now we are apparently "famous" at the CDC. So famous that their attempts to sneak me in today through one particular guard failed simply because everyone knows about "Russ Regnery and THAT girl." Oh well, October's almost over and then I get 5 brand new visiting days-- suckers.

I really would have liked to go in today, because I was scheduled to give a presentation to the lab about my summer research. Adorably enough, all the way up in Saratoga Springs, my summer colleague is also presenting his research today in Senior Seminar. Now our trans-eastern seaboard presentation party is ruined!

In other news, I went to a real live auction last night. It was in some sketchy antiques warehouse and the man spoke fast and everything. Not only did he speak fast, but he was hilarious! Towards the end of the auction they were putting up boxes of random stuff and the auctioneer had to [quickly] pull stuff out and [quickly] say what was so great about it, along with keeping us updated with the current bidding level of course. He grabbed a box, took out some cut glass paperweight and said "bhrbahbhb-doIhear5dollar-hbrbrhlbrhr-It's RUSSIAN!-hbhrbh-maydaymayday-onedollar-bhbghbrdld" I nearly peed myself. There was complementary wine [Woodbridge, but I wasn't complaining] and lots of antique furniture to sit on while you try not to twitch or move suddenly so that you don't end up going home with a dresser or something. It's every Wednesday night, too! And it's so much more exciting than watching Antiques Roadshow.


jamie p said...

you're famous for being uninformed, i'm famous for being an idiot...let's join forces. Maybe if we start dating and then I get you pregnant and then you cheat on me with the nanny, we can make it into US WEEKLY!!

but maybe not.

also, that auction sounds thoroughly enjoyable. I would make it a routine if I were you.

also, can't Russ just hack his way through some vines and underbrush taking you under his arm and get you into the CDC. That is how he enters everywhere right?

also, I'm so FUCKING sober.

it sucks. don't ever get arrested lena, no matter how fun it sounds.

Accidentally Disastrous said...

i dont know, i think it would be adorable if you got arrested lena. you'd be all hootin' and hollerin', raisin a ruckus', dropping your g's.