Sunday, October 23, 2005

Brunch with the Fellows

Tomorrow morning, I will arrive at the Sunday EID Fellow brunch looking haggard. There will be a hardness in my expressions that will make the others wonder. Did her cat just die? I bet two of her tires blew out on the way here. Maybe she was in the lab until 3am troubleshooting an experiment! Where does she get her smack? That Lena, she must swing both ways. Do you think she'd know what to do if my milk cow's calf was coming out breach?

But no, sadly, my weariness stems solely from an extended period of idleness and isolation. My cat is still alive, my car is fine, I haven't done a stitch of labwork, I can't find any [cheap] heroin, I don't fancy women [with the exception of Mackenzie Firer-Sherwood, of course], I DO know what to do if a calf is breach-- I'm just tired of not having a job to go to every day. To quote myself in an e-mail recently sent off to the Association of Public Health Labs "I didn't come to Atlanta for the grits and sunny days."

This painting entitled "unemployed girl" sums things up nicely:


I'd like if it just one other Fellow had half as much trouble getting started as I'm currently having. It'll make sitting through everyone else's Tales of Productivity slightly more bearable.

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