Thursday, December 27, 2007

Phartoona 2007 preview

Instead of doing Christmas this year, my mom and I did something else and we called it Phartoona. Yeah, it involved drugs. In the coming days I'll figure out a way to explain it, but here's a simile for now:

Phartoona is like this egg timer I bought my mom for Phartoona. The egg timer ticks and counts down the time normally enough, but it also does a lot of sporadic pre-emptive dinging. So it ticks and it dings every so often, and when it gets to "0 minutes" it stops doing both of those things. It's like the opposite of an egg timer-- it rouses your attention by going silent.

Really, this has nothing to do with Phartoona, I just felt like complaining about having bought a broken egg timer...

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jvs said...

I need to know about the etymology of your new holiday. Please respond.

Also, I think it has been a while since we talked on the phone, so I will say that I wish you only the best in both the near and far future.